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We believe that Twenty is now well on its way to becoming an industry defining brand. A brand that spans multiple sectors and disciplines. A brand that has become synonymous with the sourcing of talent both on a permanent and contract basis in the UK and USA. In January 2009 while the recruitment sector was suffering from the effects of global financial meltdown, we were rewriting the rule book and setting up the next generation of recruitment business. We are staffed with highly experienced consultants and senior managers who have impressive track records. We are professional business people committed to solutions, not sales and who manage careers, not jobs.

Twenty has entered a new and exciting phase of its evolution as a business. We are no longer a start-up with the associated risks, we are now a scale-up looking to achieve exponential growth.  If you would like to find out more about what life is like on the inside of our recruitment revolution then read on….

Consultant Academy: Elite, Effective and Fast

We want your first career move at Twenty Group to be rewarding and fast-paced. And because our own success and growth plans are built on spotting potential for clients globally, we apply these same skills and rigour to spotting and developing trainees like you. To not only become expert recruiters but more importantly, to form our next cadre of leaders.

If you have the skills, personality and ambition to be accepted onto our Academy, then you'll be guaranteed the most exciting career start there is in professional-level recruitment.

“It is our mission to improve the success rate of trainee consultants in our sector. Our Academy addresses the common failures most recruitment agencies make in developing and nurturing new consultants. It’s why our retention rate is one of the highest in the industry.” 
Adrian Kinnersley, Global  Managing Director

Academy in Detail

There are three key ingredients in our Academy: well-organised and broad; leadership-led training; and our values. We have fine-tuned each component so well, that our Academy is now capable of transforming you into a manager within two years.  

Well-Organised and Broad 

Our aim is to deliver the best service and exceptional talent to our clients. To keep this promise, our consultants must blend client service, market expertise and flawless delivery – consistently. It's a model that combines the best of C-suite ‘search and selection’ methodology with the turnaround and efficiency of contingency recruitment. 

Unsurprisingly, only the highest performing consultants can work at this level. The only way to make a consultant this good, is to train them well. Very well.

The development you’ll go through will, at first, give you the skills to become an excellent recruiter. At this first stage, your development will be with our MDs and CEO (more details further on). Once we are confident that you have mastered this level, you’ll then develop the market and discipline skills that will transform you into a high-value Twenty Consultant – a hybrid professional who can recruit and provide consulting advice.

Your path to becoming a consultant will involve you working in teams across our brands and in each of our disciplines, being trained in recruitment best practice every step of the way.

The brands:

  • Financial Services

  • Energy

  • Digital

  • Commerce

The disciplines:

  • Technology and Change

  • Risk and Governance

  • Finance and Operations

The journey to becoming consultant will not only develop you into a fully-formed ‘360’ recruiter, in its truest form, but you’ll also start advancing your advisory and consulting skills. Throughout this stage, you’ll develop a deep expertise within that given market. It’s an experience that will also expose you to the best team fit for you; usually, this is the team you’ve enjoyed the most success in through the academy process. 

Leadership-Led Training

On most training schemes, the leaders of the business will swan in for an inspirational welcome speech – and leave. Rarely seen again. On our Academy, our CEO or MDs will train you for the duration, up to the first six months, in all classroom-based sessions and in months 1 to 3 you will be sat with an MD. Every day.

You’ll learn everything from managing candidates to delivering winning client pitches from the owners and board directors of the business who have the most in-depth experiences to call upon. Because growth is the agenda and being best-in-class is the expectation; our leaders have a strong incentive for your development. Our training is bespoke and thorough – in ways that are non-comparable to our competition or those supplied by any professional trainer.

The leaders will remain involved once you take your place in your chosen team. They will work with your manager to ensure your training, development and opportunities continue in line with the Academy.

Values-Driven Culture

Our values shape everything we do, say and believe. Take a moment to read them, and ask yourself, 'do they resonate with me?' If they don’t, we’re not the right firm for you.

You’ll experience our values even before you start, all through the selection process and on-boarding and your career with us. Here’s a sample list of the ways you’ll experience the values during our programme:

Crystal Clear – during the interview process you’ll be encouraged to ask the leaders and consultants any questions, and we expect our consultants to tell the truth.

Life is Short –  the pace of your development from new joiner to consultant and manager is fast. Recruitment is fast-paced industry, and our growth plans are ambitious. We don't have time for cruise mode – ever.  

Be Eclectic – we are a truly diverse bunch at Twenty Group, we believe talent and skill come from all backgrounds. That applies to our own colleagues and the talent for our clients.  

Your Profile

We know the people who become successful consultants at Twenty Group come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Diversity for us isn’t the latest management fad or PR gloss, it’s core to our identity, and one of our values, ‘Be eclectic’.

Where there's no negotiation, though, is the characteristics of the candidate joining our Academy. You must have massive amounts of ambition and deep oceans of untapped potential. You must respond well to having the bar set extremely high, and enjoy being challenged to be the very best you possibly can be.

You will be expected to work hard; harder than the competition. But you'll also have a huge amount of fun along the way.  ​​

Will you Become a High-Value Manager?

You are an experienced recruiter looking to make the next career move. But will you be a successful, high-value recruiter? Well, if you’ve learned anything, you’ll be judging your next employer by asking these questions:

  • What’s the quality of the leadership and the culture?

  • Is there a clear career plan with continual training?

  • Is the brand respected in its markets?

  • Is there continuous, high-quality training?

  • Can I build equity in the company?

At Twenty Group we’ve got compelling answers to all these questions and formidable evidence to back up all of our claims.

Our Winning Career Formula

Our senior positions are sought after because we have such a successful formula for developing talent. How? We do five things very well, and continually strive to improve each capability.

Clear Career Ladder

We have developed a clear, and flexible career path that is designed to accelerate the careers of ambitious consultants and managers. Each step has a clear promotion criterion, an increased package and clear responsibilities.

The forces that will drive your rapid ascent, are a combination of our demanding career programme and your drive, skills and resilience. We will push you hard but support you all the way.

The level of growth we have mapped out across our brands, disciplines and regions, will mean you’ll be spoilt for opportunities. You may start your career in London placing Finance professionals and move to New York to recruit digital gurus. And then who knows, maybe you’ll open up one of our new offices. 

Our Management Training 

We make a significant investment in your training because we expect you to develop new skills as part of each promotion. And as you’ll be handed more responsibility at each stage we ensure you’ll have the skills to succeed.    

Our training will take you from managing a team, to managing a whole business, including the skills needed to handle the P&L. Developing managers to run their own business is now avoided by agencies because, yes, the fear is staff will start their own firm. But because our offer and growth are so compelling, very few managers leave us.

Successful Leaders, Great Strategy

However you judge a recruitment leader, you'll respect ours. Our CEO and Group MD have both built and sold high-value recruitment companies. The CEO and MD have 25 and 18 years’ experience respectively, and they have used this experience to steer Twenty Group through six years of growth – and built a platform for much greater expansion.

Although our broad strategy has been clearly defined, we also encourage fresh ideas, especially from our managers. If you develop a convincing proposal to grow revenue or to make us more efficient, you'll see your idea become a reality.

The Strength of our Brand and Culture

Your success as a consultant depends on the quality of the brand you're selling. Twenty Group has a strong brand and almost 100 PSLs in place with leading brands. The strength of our brand links directly to our culture and values. Take a moment to read our values, and ask yourself, "do these values resonate with me?” If they don't, we're probably not the firm for you, because we live by our values. Everyday.

Tools, Standards and our Magic Formula

Your time is precious, so we've invested in a suite of tools to help you become efficient and effective. Our recruitment technology is cutting edge, and we've progressively customised them to our needs. Every aspect of our business from candidate management to staff development is continually monitored and optimised.

Your Profile

Through 2017/18 we'll be recruiting experienced recruiters from the level of consultant through to Director. No matter what level role you apply for, you'll need to be able to answer yes to each of these questions:

  • Do you have presence, do people gravitate to you, are you credible?

  • Have you always applied the highest standards when recruiting?

  • Do you thrive in diversity; able to embrace and flex to different scenarios and personalities?

  • Have you got a proven, unflinching drive to succeed?

  • Are you a quick learner, one that never stops gaining new skills and knowledge?

  • Are you a gifted communicator, someone who can persuade any audience

Next Steps

  • View our reward scheme
  • Check out our consultant interview videos
  • Read our values
  • View and apply for one of our senior roles

Your journey to being a high-value consultant, and then manager, will be well rewarded at each stage of your growth. Our scheme is designed to benefit you over the long term, and is calibrated to reward great performance.

Highlights of the prizes your career will generate at Twenty:

  • The most powerful symbol of our long-term partnership ethos is our share scheme. Everyone, after their first 12 months, is invited to join our unique share options scheme.

  • You will receive generous commission whether you join as a trainee or an experienced consultant/manager. And because we place high-salaried professionals, commission quickly mounts.

  • Our managers receive lucrative bonuses based on their team revenue.

  • You’ll get the chance to enjoy elite high-performer trips as well as company-wide trips – we made quite an impression in Miami on our last company trip.

  • High-performing consultants enjoy sumptuous Friday-afternoon-dining at Michelin-star restaurants with an MD each quarter.

  • In the UK we provide you with a flexible benefits plan

  • In the USA we provide full healthcare cover

  • We are very sociable and every Friday provide drinks in the office and enable everyone from different teams to engage in our weekly wrap ups and enjoy the PlayStations, Table Football and head off for the weekend with a spring in their step.

  • At the end of each month we have a global get together to keep everyone informed of the progress of the company and celebrate our success. After which there is a social event organized ranging from Pub Darts to Ten Pin Bowling and attending Soccer and Baseball games.

  • And finally, we know the greatest gift we can give you is development, we provide continuous, and ongoing, training throughout your career; from trainee to MD.  It’s the quality of our training, and our dynamic markets, that will propel you up the reward-laden career ladder with us.

life's short

Twenty is about a real drive to succeed, a fearless attitude to business and a belief that success is about having fun as well as working smart.

be eclectic

We bring together our unique experiences from a wide range of backgrounds, sectors and geographies, to create an individual style and brand that is diverse and delivers. 

crystal clear

To thrive we need people who have a clear vision of the goals ahead and the desire to achieve. Open communication, clear responsibilities, and transparency are the bedrock of Twenty's style.